Need Of Hour: 3 Cybersecurity Shifts Businesses Should Make Right Now

Thanks to the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19 that our entire lives came to a standstill. As a result, businesses had to shift their entire mode of operation online. This caused them to make a lot of adjustments in the cybersecurity area.

While flexibility is the current priority, the cybersecurity risks also has increased a great deal. Not only the privacy of employees are at risk but remote working gives way more freedom to security breaches concerning a company.

Here, we have compiled a list on how to strengthen cybersecurity risks while working from home.

Cyber Security Changes Businesses Need To Make Immediately

A lot of factors are responsible for the increase in cyber malware and fraudulent activities that happened over the past year. But, what contributed to it the most was the sudden shift from working offline to working remotely.

When at the office or a professional space, it is easier to reach out to the IT department for help when certain situations arise. This is not possible while working virtually and with many people developing a do-it-yourself attitude, it is becoming a bigger problem.

Besides, businesses are facing a lot of disruptions making it hard for proficient people to give their best. Keeping that in mind, here are three shifts that you need to make immediately if you want to protect your business.

Majority of the cyber breaches disguise themselves as software or applications that have been previously downloaded into your system somehow or the other.

One simple measure that can protect us from this is simply installing a good quality antivirus and having it updated every now and then.

It is extremely important to keep updating your antivirus as cybersecurity predictions of 2021 stated that having an outdated antivirus is as good as having no protection at all.

Since viruses keep updating and mutating themselves, the treatment should also be updated regularly.

Another thing you must ensure is having backups of sensitive data across all your devices. Sometimes, gaining access to one device is enough to wreak havoc. That is why it is important to have strong passwords and save them somewhere safe.

It doesn’t matter whether your business is small or big, the important thing is to stay safe and keep your systems protected.

Well, when we think about hacking, the typical scenario that floats in front of our eyes is that of a mastermind sitting in a dark room with two three screens in front and a green text or code running on them.

In reality, the person sitting next to you could be an expert hacker disguised as an engineer and you would not even know if they hack your system then and there. There are emails that are curated very carefully to trick your employees into letting them into their systems.

One of the most important cybersecurity 2021 trends is to educate your employees and make them aware of the many risks and challenges that they could face while working remotely.

Teach them to cross-check, authenticate, and verify every call and email- no matter how genuine they look.

Like any other inspection, it is also important to analyze your cybersecurity measures and check whether anything looks suspicious or not.

These inspections should have a complete review of your administration, the behavior of your employees, and work operations to check whether you need to make any changes or not.

Strengthening your cybersecurity measures against the Covid-19 pandemic should be of utmost importance. Generally, it is recommended that you hire professionals for the same but it can be too expensive.

The opportunity and density of the inspections will differ based on the situations and circumstances.

The vulnerability increases when your financial details are at risk of getting exposed.


There are many shifts that need to be done while shifting to remote work from offline work but these three should be of utmost importance for businesses to run smoothly. Among the COVID-19 crisis, shifts in cybersecurity should be given priority.

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